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Brandon Gould

sToKed Setter Brandon Gould

Who is Brandon Gould?
I’m the guy who is having the most fun in any given situation! I’m living to experience the best this world has to offer. I look for classic rock climbs, fresh powder, smooth pavement, and warm water wherever I go.


Where were you born?
I was born in Burlington, Vermont

What do you consider your home town?

My hometown is Windham, New Hampshire pretty close to Pawtuckaway and Rumney crags.


What activities have you explored in your lifetime?

Growing up, my family hiked, biked, and played tons of games, basically anything active. When I was really young I used to love to climb trees in my hometown. I did sports and music through my school for years. My favorites were soccer, lacrosse, and eventually crew, which all gave me a great physically active lifestyle. Outside of organized sports, I consistently shredded any type of board in my free time. I was always on a skateboard, snowboard, or wakeboard chasing that wind in my hair feeling. I quickly became the most adventurous person in my family and knew that it would always have a place in my life. When I found climbing, it blended the mental and physical challenges I seeked while centering me. Every moment on the wall fills my heart and it brings a huge smile to my face.


Where do you currently set?

I am the head setter for The Riveter in Mills River, NC.

What led you to setting?
As soon as I began climbing I quickly learned that indoor routes and boulders were puzzles set by the talented individuals called setters. My brain connected the body movements and sequences of power and technique with each setter’s unique style and I was able to appreciate that each setter brought a unique style to their climbs. That was enough to get me hooked on the idea of making up my own puzzles in the gym by using holds that were already on the wall. Soon enough I was talking to the setters about how to volunteer. Becoming a volunteer was the perfect creative outlet for me and I was able to  expand my recourses from holds on the wall to a room full of holds and blank wall angles giving me an opportunity to let my creatively spread my wings as a setter. The joy that comes from setting is unmatched in my life because as well as the ability to challenge myself to set new styles of climbs over a variety of terrain, I am able to give clients a unique and challenging experience through my problems and routes.

How long have you been setting?

This is my 7th year of routesetting.



Why do you set?

What really puts setting apart from the rest of the job market is that we get to play. The purpose of my job is to put a smile on the customer’s face. I can do that in a variety of ways, but I really have to understand what parts of climbing are fun and how to bring that feeling to each climb in a unique way. Every climber has a unique vision of what makes climbing fun. Climbing has such a beautiful balance of mental and physical technique, coordination, and strength. Setters have a wonderful challenge of creating different scenarios to push each climber to try something new and enjoy it!

Describe your setting style in 3 words or less.
Teaching without words.

Favorite Hold Shaper?

Ian Powell

What is your favorite climbing hold? Why?
The Boss! It’s an iconic shape that revolutionized the industry. Although there were lots of naysayers, look at where this revolutionary hold has taken the indoor climbing hold scene!

Why are you sToKed to be one of our sponsored routesetters?

Travis and Kimberly have been wonderful to work with! Every time I work with them it’s less like business and more like family. We always catch up about our climbing and travel, it feels like old friends! I can’t say enough good things about their dedication to making high quality products either. I ordered some volumes for my gym and the quality surpassed all of my expectations. Not only that, but they sent an incredible amount of prizes and swag for a competition I was hosting which went above and beyond for me. I love that sToKed will go the extra mile to show you hospitality and make sure you are satisfied with their products.

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