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The Clinics

Presented By stoked Climbing Volumes

The Clinics comes from a desire to create a symbiotic relationship between business' and people. Our goal is to provide a space for a business transaction to not only benefit the business selling goods (ie us) but the business (gym) that makes the purchase, as well as the community that supports those businesses. What better venue for this symbiosis then sharing knowledge via Clinics and workshops.

These Clinic spots will be provided to gyms that support us. The Gym will benefit by educating their Owners, staff, and setters, as well as bringing in others from around the globe to enjoy the experience.

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Miles West

aesthetics that Function

He will be doing what he does best! Talking to you about Aesthetics. Why it’s important and how to do it in a way that still is practical for your gym members.

Did you know that Aesthetics = more 💵 as a gym owner and more engagement for climbers?

Suggested for - Setters

Abby wilson

Setting for All sizes

This clinic will revolve around teaching coaches, climbers, and routesetters about

setting specifics to different heights and how to set a variety of comp style moves for various

sizes of climbers!

Suggested for - Coaches, Climbers, setters

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Jess West

Building Better Sessions

Learn principles of self-assessment, simple programming strategies and how to structure your climbing sessions to reach your goals. This clinic is especially important for routesetters, multi-sport athletes, and busy climbers on a tight time or energy budget.

Suggested for - Climbers, Coaches, setters


Daniel Woods

Train Hard. Climb Hard.

Level up your climbing and learn how to train like an elite climber Daniel Woods. In this 4-hour clinic, you’ll practice techniques on Woods own training board. Open to competitive and recreational climbers from V2 to V9+. Coaches, setters, staff and gym owners are also welcome.

Suggested for - Comp Team, Rec Climbers, Staff, owners



Comp vs Commercial

Is there a difference? In this clinic we will explore how to implement the techniques and tactics used at the highest level of competition routesetting in everyday commercial environments and how they can improve the commercial climbing gym experience. 

Suggested for - Setters, owners


Maya Madere

Climb Smarter

Level up your climbing and learn how to train like an elite competitor with World Cup boulderer Maya Madere. In this 4-hour clinic, you’ll practice five techniques for climbing at your limit, run a competition-specific training drill, and discuss the details of modern competition climbing in an interactive small group setting. Open to competitive and recreational climbers from V3 to V8. Coaches, setters, staff and gym owners are welcome to sit in and participate.

Suggested for - Comp Team, Rec Climbers, Staff, owners


Cheech Lin

Routesetting Fundamentals

In this clinic learn the fundamentals of commercial routesetting. Some of the topics that we'll cover include: an intro to general setting philosophy, an overview of the basic PPE and tools that you’ll use, how to think about the wall and your holds + volumes as tools in your kit, things to keep in mind when approaching your set, and the importance of forerunning with intent.

Suggested for - Setters, Owners, Staff, Those interested in setting

Blake Green

Running a Comp

-Crew Selection-


-Working with Host Facilities and USAC-

-Communicating Effectively- 

Suggested for - Setters, Owners


Britt Frankel

Create a Thriving Community

Understand & Analyze





Suggested for - Owners, Staff

Sarah Filler

Setting with Intention

More info coming soon!

Suggested for - setters

How to Get a spot in a clinic?
With certain order spends gyms will get to host And/OR earn clinic spots.

Where will the Clinics be held?
Our goal is to have multiple clinics through out the coming months with locations that will be accessible for most. Locations May include CA, UT, KC, AR, VA, NY, TN, FL. 

How long will the clinic last?
Each clinic will be 4-6 hours. We will offer mostly 2-day clinics with minimal 1-day offerings as needed. 

What costs are covered?
The spot in the clinic itself will be covered. Lunch and one dinner outing included.  (This is only available for the clinic spots earned through order spends)

What costs are not covered?
Travel to the clinic city as well as to and from the clinics will not be provided.   

How do I take advantage of a clinic?
Clinic spots are based on order spends. Here is a breakdown.

Spend 10k - get an in house 2 day clinic with 2 instructors. 

Your gym will get 4 of the Clinic spots available 
We will fill/use the remaining spots 


Spend 8k - get  an in house 1 day clinic with 1 instructor

There will be 12 spots per clinic

4 spots will be yours

We will fill/use the remaining spots


Spend 5k - get 2 spots in a clinic


Spend 3k - get 1 spots in a Clinic


Don't want to buy volumes...

Buy a spot in any clinic for $100-$200 

Sign Up now!

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