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Isaac Palatt

Isaac Palatt sToKed Setter

Who is Isaac Palatt? 


Isaac Palatt is a creative-type, who has found his professional calling in route setting and coaching. He derives satisfaction from sharing the life-transformative activity of climbing with others. He loves animals, has a passion for craft beer and fine spirits, and cares deeply about the pursuit of social justice and equity.



Where were you born? 


Las Vegas, NV



What do you consider your hometown? 


Both Las Vegas and Los Angeles (where I lived for high school and then another six years after college)



What activities have you explored in your lifetime? 


Skiing (started at age 3), skateboarding (what young punk rocker didn’t), music (still play guitar), visual art (I have a BFA in painting and printmaking)



Where do you currently set


G1 Climbing + Fitness. Broomfield, CO (between Denver and Boulder)

What led you to setting? 


I fell in love with climbing at the age of 12. By 15, I was washing holds at a climbing gym in Los Angeles, which then led me to route setting.

Isaac Palatt sToKed Setter

How long have you been setting? 


18 years in some capacity. 10 years professionally.



Why do you set? 


I set because I enjoy exploring movement, I appreciate the creative process, and I love to share the beauty of climbing with others. I set because I need to set.



Describe your setting style in 3 words or less. 


Technical, yet burly



Favorite Hold Shaper? 


Laurent Laporte


Isaac Palatt sToKed Setter

What is your favorite climbing hold? Why?  


The classic Yaniro 2-finger pockets. I grew up on them at The Powerhouse in Las Vegas, NV (now Red Rock Climbing Center).



Why are you sToKed to be one of our sponsored routesetters? 


I’m sToKed to be a part of the sToKed crew because of the energy and stoke that we all share! We feel like a family and we want to share our stoke with the greater climbing community. I love it!

Isaac Palatt sToKed Setter
Isaac Palatt sToKed Setter
Isaac Palatt sToKed Setter
Isaac Palatt sToKed Setter
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