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Miles West


Who is Miles West?

Miles is just some dude addicted to creating things. I come from a family of photographers, painters, graphic designers, carpenters, and musicians. I don't think I had a choice! I'm typically more interested in the processes of making something than the finished product. Natural born fidgeter and collector of useless trinkets and small parts. 

Where were you born?

Lubbock, TX 

What do you consider your home town?

Orlando, FL 


What activities have you explored in your lifetime?


Too many. I played all of the organized sports as a kid and focused on basketball through high school. Surfing and anything behind a boat were standards growing up in Florida. I've been playing guitar and drums for over twenty years on and off. Was a competitive Halo player. Rock climbing occasionally.


Where do you currently set?

Head routeSetter - HighPoint climbing and fitness Chattanooga, TN


What led you to setting?


Something about watching the setters at my home gym (Aiguille Rock Climbing Center) work out their ideas and having so much fun doing it seemed awesome. I didn't understand how it worked at the time but I knew I wanted to do it.


How long have you been setting?


5 years-ish

Why do you set?

I love it. It's never the same thing. It's an awesome  challenge to build a puzzle that looks good enough to entice a person to use their body and mind to solve it. Setting something that enriches someone else's climbing experience in one way or another is pretty rad.

Describe your setting style in 3 words or less.

Minimal, Deceptively Complex.

Favorite Hold Shaper?

Jason Kehl.

What is your favorite climbing hold? Why?

By far the hardest question to answer. There are so many amazing holds out there and it depends on the scenario. I can say that any time there is a clean So iLL Vaccine (Louie Anderson shape) sitting in the hold room, I will take it. I found so many weird uses for it in my time at Climb So iLL that I can't resist a chance to try something new.

Why are you sToKed to be one of our sponsored routesetters?

First and foremost, I agree with the companies message. Climbing is fun. Routesetting is fun. Go out (or stay in) with your friends and family and enjoy yourself. Smile! As a setter, Im pretty particular so being able to run through ideas and have a conversation with the person that's building my volumes is important to me. A family owned company that builds high quality products to your specifications is hard to find.

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