YO! YO! YOOOO! Do you remember the good ole days when you could get yourself a nice BOC (Bag of Crap) from Woot? What if you could buy a BOC (Box of Crap) from us? What if it contained secret climbing products... like volumes, holds, t shirts, climbing shoes and other accessories? Do we have your attention yet? What if one of the boxes contained a full set of Homewall volumes? Now we’re talking. $50 for a box shipped within the US or $115 for a BOC shipped to anywhere else in the World. When checking out please include sex, shoe size, and shirts size in the note area of the Cart. You never know what will be in your BOC These will ship around April 15th, Please only two BOC's per purchase per "sToKe off" if you purchase 3 or more we will cancel the order. You can buy one every time they are listed if you would like. This is to make sure more can enjoy getting a box of crap. All sales final. No returns or canceled BOC orders. Make sure you want one before you purchase. We will not make sure a desired item is in a BOC. Please do not request specific items. This will make sure all have an even chance at a mediocre BOC vs an awesome BOC.

BOC - Box of Crap