A Huge Thanks to Kegan Minock for shaping these shapes for us. A dream of mine has always been to make a hold that could be climbed by both a V0 and V7 climber and be fun and challenging for both. I think we have accomplished that to some degree with these holds. Setting plays a huge roll in difficulty, but for home walls these holds are perfect.

You can set a route and climb it via jugs, crimps, or pockets. We see them as a training tool. You can achieve desired movement with the jugs, then up the difficulty by advancing to crimps, then pockets. A new climber can climb the jugs and a more experienced climber can master the pockets or crimps, all while both climbers can climb the same route.

We are so excited to bring these holds to the market. Kegan delivered with his world class comfy shaping. If you have felt any of his other shapes you know what we are talking about. We are starting with the smallest of the multi shapes. We will be adding 5 Large and 5 XL if the Mediums do well.


Also, Kegan shaped a set of 40 Home Gym holds, designed specifically with home walls in mind. The eventual full set will be made up of crimps, jugs, and slopers. 12 of each with 4ea of size xs, s, and m. To complete the set of 40 are 4 very uniquie feet. The same theme of the multi holds carries over here, as the feet are shaped in a way that the positivity changes as the foot hold is rotated. 


All in all, these shapes are designed specifically for the home wall. Made to get the most versatility for your dollar without compromising on quality or feel. You will love them!


Shipping Cost will be calculated after purchase and will need to be paid via square invoice. Typically shipping cost to a US address is $12-17. 

Multi Use Climbing Holds