4 Volumes


We will now offer one Home Wall Package a month. This will change every month.


These Home Wall Packages are just what your home woody needs in these disparaging times. Each package contains enough volumes to fully sToKe your woody and protect it from COVID-19*. You get a mask to stay safe, you quarantine to stay safe but, what does your woody get? Your dirty COVID hands all over it. Poor thing... Make it and you happy with one of our Home Wall Packs. These packs are thought out for maximun COVID protection and the best most compact of shipping situations. *The statements made here in this listing about COVID are completely false and are in pure jest. Volumes offer no protection for your home wall. 


Ships in an 18x18"x18" 32lbs typically $20-40 to ship. 


For International order please email us for a shipping quote. 


February Package


Tri>ad         XS- 6.5" sides 2.75" tall 

Tri>ad         S12- 12.5" sides 4.75" tall 

Squeezie   XS6- 6"x6"x5"

Chubb        S10- 10"x 10"x 1"-3.25" 




Home Wall Pack of the Month- The 4 Pack