This listing is for the shipping cost to get rental holds only.

Please read below thoroughly before making a purchase.


This listing is of available hold packs to rent for $59/mo.


Here are the steps to get a Homewall Hold Rental package headed your way.


1) Find the rental package you want and pay the $20 for this "item". The $20 covers the shipping cost to get the rental holds to you. 

( The in stock packages will change as holds come and go, so check back often to see whats available)

2) Go to our Plans and Pricing Page and purchase the $59/mo plan. We ask that you stay in the program for a minimum of 3 months. After that feel free to cancel anytime.

3) We will send you a terms and conditions sheet that will need to be signed. As well we will need a credit card on file to cover non returns and/ or non defect damage.

4) Wait to get a box of fresh holds!

Homewall Hold Rentals $59/mo