The Shaper Party!


The idea is to get some of the best shapers from around the world to make a small set of screw ons that would be great for homewalls but that could also fit into any gyms current hold inventory. We also asked them to make them versitile enough to work with volumes or as stand alone holds so homewallers could get the most value for their hard earned cash.  10-12 holds with a final weight of around 16 ounces.  That was all the direction they were given so as to not limit their creativity. The result is amazing. Each set will be unique. We will launch one set from a differnt shaper every month in 2021. So stay tuned and stalk our website. We won't be mad.


Month 2 we are releasing Andy Nelson's positive edge semi pockets in various depths. They are split into a set of 8 positive edges ( 8 Minis ) and a set of 4 bigger edges ( 4 Fatts ) Even better grab the full 12 pack ( 12 Pack ) We will also offer an option to add 3 Black Triad S12 volumes ( Fully sToKed 12 Pack ) 


Hold Packs do not ship free, but you can choose the option to add it to a volume order to save on shipping. 

Buy the Fully sToKed Pack- adds volumes and get free shipping. 


We will be doing a contest with the Fully sToKed packs. Set a problem with the Triad volumes and Shaper Party holds. We recommend getting the pink grips to compliment the black volumes. Take a video and post it to Instagram and/or Facebook. After we get several submisions we will vote on the best route with our sToKed Setters and announce the winner. You win bragging rights, highlight/shoutout on our insta feed, and a set of the next shaper party holds released next month.

Shaper Party Grips- Andy's