16 Volumes

3- XS Triad - 6.5" sides 2.75" tall 

3- S10 Triad - 9.5" sides 3.75" tall 

3- S12 Triad - 12.5" sides 4.75" tall 

3- S24 LOGG - 24" x 9" x 4" 

1- S48 LOGG -  48" x 9" x 4" 

3- XS Lizard Stud - 8"x 5" 



This pack is 16 volumes with great variety for both the home wall or a gym. Are you a commercial gym and been on the fence about trying our volumes? Well now is the time, This pack is the perfect opportunity. We are just excited to spread the stoke!


Available in our Commercail Black, Gray, or Clear.


Also, we added our Homewall Blue Texture as an option. This texture is slightly less durable but great for home walls.

Price does not include shipping

We will charge exact shipping costs

Package is shipped in 50"x12"x12" Box via 

ups ground and typically runs $50-$80


Starter Pack



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