Asymmetrical rail volume. One side is more positive than the other. Available in various lengths. Width x Height x Length

Pictured above with "Trips"

Last picture is in use at Elevation Climbing Gym in Utah. Trips, Trips Big, and Trips XL


S24- 10"x9"x24" $150

S30- 10"x9"x30" $180

M36- 10"x9"x36" $200

M48- 10"x9"x48" $225

L60- 10"x9"x60" $275

L72- 10"x9"x72" $350

XL84- 10"x9"x84" $390

XL96- 10"x9"x96" $420

XXL120- 10"x9"x120" $720

XXL144- 10"x9"x144" $840

Trips Big