Want to have a professional setter help you set some routes on your home wall? Now you can. With our "Zoom Setter Sessions" You will get 60 minutes with one of our setter via a zoom call. You will be able to explain your strengths and weekness'. Then you will be able to set routes based on your desired skill set. Want to have a professional setter help you discuss your upcoming build or just chat about...? With our "Zoom Consult" You will get 30 minutes with one of our setter via a zoom call. You will be able to chat about whatever help you need. Get to know each of our Zoom Setters with the bio below.


Sarah Filler

Hello! I am Sarah Filler. Currently I am the Head Routesetter at The Spot in Boulder/Denver. I grew up in Niagara Falls, NY where I started climbing in 2006 and quickly after that started routesetting in 2007. I was drawn to setting because I was real intrigued by what goes into setting and for the opportunity to see “behind the curtain” to a different side of climbing. So, I pestered the head routesetter enough to get the opportunity to try setting and here we are today! In 2014 I moved to Colorado for a setting position at The Spot and have been here ever since. In addition to setting at The Spot I’ve spent a decent amount of time at multiple gyms around the country setting for competitions and opening sets as well as teaching setting clinics. I appreciate the challenge to create something that caters to specific folks both in a commercial and competition setting. As for the clinics I have taught, I’ve hosted a handful of different clinics with varying information from setting 101 to more advanced clinics. I love having the ability to pass on some knowledge, spread psych, and make routesetting a little more accessible for those who are interested.


Brandon Gould

My name is Brando. I’m the guy who is trying to have the most fun in any given situation! I look for classic rock climbs, fresh powder, smooth pavement, and warm water wherever I go. I grew up in New Hampshire adventuring all around the white mountains. I discovered climbing in college at Florida State University climbing at Tallahassee Rock Gym and was quickly drawn in by the puzzles that climbing creates for both our body and minds. I volunteered my first two years setting all around Florida. for rock gyms like Tallahassee Rock Gym, Weatherfords, and University of West Florida. I got paid for my first setting job in New Hampshire at Vertical Dreams. After that I moved to Chattanooga and set for High Point’s downtown location setting competitions and my first USAC event. I set my first regional there and learned a lot about competition setting. I moved down to Miami, FL and became the head setter of the rock gym formerly known as X-Treme Rock Gym. I am currently head setter at the Riveter, Ashville NC. I started to build home walls out of my passion for new wall angles and enjoy the creating something new for someone in their own home or backyard! Along with creating them, I began to set them as well. Setting home walls is a unique experience because the end users are always different from a commercial gym. Everyone’s needs something a little different. They might be training for a specific outdoor climb, looking for a space to improve their strength training, a competition climbers who want to stay in shape, or just simply someone who needs a place to practice setting or simulate one of their projects.


Dr. Z

What’s up everyone!  I’m Dr. Z and welcome to … my bio!  My name is actually Zachary Joseph and they call me the Home Wall Guru.  You might know me from a little project I started called Climbing Hold News Reviews where I am known as an expert of all things climbing hold / volumes / macros and training equipment related.  


I have been a route setter for over 15 years now and have set at about 12+ climbing gyms including my first home wall.  I say first because I will soon be in the process of building my second wall which will be epic.  As such I have a lot of knowledge that I would love to share with you regarding building of walls, what angle to build, what holds and volumes to buy (sToKed is the answer, lol), and setting specific movement and grades.  I am the only Stoked Setter who doesn’t do routesetting full time because my real job is actually being Veterinarian where I literally save lives, but I couldn’t resist this opportunity with sToKed climbing as I love helping people with anything climbing related, in particular holds and routesetting, which has been a passion of mine for a very long time.  If I don’t have the answer for your question, I’ll find out as I have an extensive network of friends in the climbing industry in just about every sector.  I currently live in South Minneapolis with my wife and two Golden Retriever kids but do regular route setting at our multiple Vertical Endeavors locations and recently did some contract route setting at Minneapolis Bouldering Project for their reopening after the coronavirus shut downs.  Alright that is enough about me, let’s hear about you and get psyched together!



Isaac Palatt

My name is Isaac Palatt and I have been route setting in some capacity since 2002. I've watched the industry change dramatically in that time, from most routesetters being on a volunteer / membership trade basis to most of us nowadays being respected industry professionals. I got my start as a hold washer at Rockreation Los Angeles when I was a high school kid looking to trade for a membership. This eventually led to me being allowed to strip boulders, and eventually turning a T-wrench to set them. Believe it or not, among the core group of routesetters that taught me the basics when I started was the now-famous Jason Momoa. I swear that guy could dyno 10 feet. I set for trade throughout my time in college in NYC (well before Brooklyn Boulders or other big commercial gyms hit the area), and got my professional start back at Rockreation LA in 2010, I believe. In 2012, I started as Head Routesetter at Boulderdash Indoor Climbing, located in Thousand Oaks, CA, a bit north of Los Angeles and just over the Santa Monica Mountains from Malibu. We eventually opened a second location in 2015, but in the interim period I also worked part-time at The Stronghold, near downtown LA. I moved to Colorado in 2016 to set and coach full-time at CityROCK, in Colorado Springs, and made my way up to the Denver/Boulder area to work for G1 Climbing + Fitness as a routesetter and our Head Coach. We opened the gym in March, 2020, so the pandemic hit us right after our Grand Opening, but with hard work and a little luck, we should be able to weather the storm. I've been fortunate enough over the course of my route setting career to be able to set various USA Climbing events and am currently a Level 4 USAC setter, having worked multiple Divisional and National level events. I feel that my route setting and my coaching inform one another and help me to grow in both arenas, an advantage that not every setter or coach is fortunate enough to have. I love to set body-position-dependent complex boulders and routes, and find plenty of inspiration from the outdoors, though admittedly I have been learning to branch out into more modern "competition style" movements as well.

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