The Week of sToKe

Coming May 16th-22nd 2022

The week of sToKe is all about getting you all sToKed with Giveaways. The idea is to team up with other companies to get as much free stuff as possible for our followers, YOU. Make sure you head over to instagram and follow us @stokedclimbingvolumes This is where we will do all the giveaways. We hope you have the time to help us spread the sToKe, you might even come away with some freebies! Get sToKed!!!

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Cornerstone Climbing

Fontainebean 3XL "D"

Monday 5/16

Ships to- Worldwide

Color- Any

Promo- "FREE-SHIP" free shipping on orders over $200 all May!

Kilter SS WoS.webp

Kilter Grips

Sandstone Complex Pack 1

Wednesday 5/18

Ships to- USA only

Color- Lime Green

Promo- "STOKED" for 10% off the in-stock page (excludes Kilter Boards and pre-discounted packs)

Screenshot 2022-04-28 at 1.31.20 PM.png

Method Grips

Comp Screw Ons

Friday 5/20 

Ships to- Worldwide

Color- Any

Promo- "stoked" for 10% off


Magic Wood Distribution

Next Cygnus Set of 6

Sunday 5/22

Ships to- USA/Canada

Color- Any of our stock colors

Promo- 10% off all pre-orders. Email MWD for details and pricelist.


Monstro Holds

One Skull Hold and a Pair of Nunchucks

Tuesday 5/17

Ships to- USA only

Color- Any

Promo- "stoked10" to save 10% 

elevation_gumby_blue_no elevation.PNG

Elevation Climbing

Gumby Rail

Thursday 5/19

Ships to- USA

Color- Orange

Promo- None


sToKed Climbing

sTKd Travel Board

Saturday 5/21 

Ships to- Worldwide

Color- Wood

Promo- "GetsToKed" for 20% off everything. Sale items included!

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Magic wood distribution

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