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Covid-19 Stimulus package

Here at sToKed Climbing we love our community. It's wonderful that it is made up by so many types of people. Its amazing to have such good vibes on a worldwide scale. We can go to any gym, anywhere in the world, and make fast friends. The key is the inherently humble and modest attitude and self awareness climbing gives to us as individuals. We must keep the gym side of climbing alive, this allows us the easiest access to such friendships and joy.


All that being said we decided to follow suit with all the world governments and develop a "stimulus package" We do not have the ability to pull money out of thin air to hand out, like our governments do. So we have had to become inventive to self sustain and as well help the community to sustain the affects of COVID-19

Here is our Stimulus Package


1) Sell Home wall volumes at near cost to support climbers that are obeying and helping the situation by social distancing.


2) At the end of 2020 we will distribute a 5% credit for all customers who spent over $1,000 (cost of volumes) during the 2020 calendar year. i.e. Say you made 3 purchases during the 2020 year for a total of $3250 and paid $750 in shipping. You would receive a $162.50 credit to use towards the purchase of volumes in year 2021.


3) Certain volume purchases made between April 15th-May 15th will recieve the following credit to be used towards additional volumes.

Spend / Reward

$1-499          5%

$500-999      10%

$1,000-2,49    25%

$2,500-4,999   35%

$5,000+           50%

So if a gym spends $6,000 they will receive a credit of $3,000 to purchase more volumes.

This credit will be made available May 15th 2020

The only volume purchases not eligible for this reward are the home wall packs and special discounted purchases. Spam, Flash Sale, and Normal Volume purchases will be eledgable for this credit.


4) Kimberly and I both want to support those that are still supporting their local climbing gym by continuing their monthly dues. We think it is incredible that many of our supporters and followers are doing this. This really does support the industry and help keep our favorite gyms, that are in the business of making us strong. We dont want to see any gym shutting down for good, going bankrupt. So, we will be doing several giveaways to support those that support their local gym. Kimberly will be giving away chalk bags and apparel on her  @stokedclimbing insta and I will be giving away some more volumes on my insta @stokedclimbingvolumes

5) Once a week we will list a couple home wall volumes packs on our ebay account as an auction starting at 0.99 If you can afford our Home Wall volume packs, please suppurt us by grabbing one of our hevily discounted packs here on this site. Please save these low cost "ebay" volumes for those that actually cant pay the full price.

6) We are creating t-shirts with our setters. Each setter will have a t-shirt design. Part of the proceeds will go directly to these setters.


7) We will offer financing on our volumes. Payment plans will be in house financing, and set up to match each individual gyms needs. Please email us for details and application.

We realize we are such a small company and the problems will be bigger than we could fix. Our hopes are that if we do this little bit to help and you do your little bit to help, even if that is just paying your monthy dues or buying a t-shirt/giftcard. It adds up. Please do you part and we will do ours. Thanks friends!

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